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Have your application prepared by a former Home Office Visa Officer

Have you ever wondered how the Home Office decide Settlement visa applications or how a Visa Officer makes their Visa decision? This is a common area of concern for many of our clients even before they speak to us. They are often worried that Visa Officials will not pay attention to their application and the evidence submitted. Did you know that UK Visa Officer have a limited amount of time to look at Settlement Visa applications? In many cases they have less than 30 minutes to look at a Spouse or Fiancee Visa application. This is why it is so important to have the correct evidence when submitting the application and that it is presented in any easy to read format. You do not want to add irrelevant documents which can take up precious time and delay the entire process leading to a Visa refusal. The other aspect is that the Home Office do not allow new evidence to be submitted during the processing of the application in the event that the sponsor or Visa applicant forgot to add it. Our in house Visa consultants and Lawyers were former UK Visa Officers and know exactly how UK Visas are assessed and process that goes into how Entry Clearance Officers make their decisions. With our knowledge we can help you make a successful application.

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