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Possible Visa Problems

If you are a British citizen or hold permanent residency (ILR) and you want to bring your husband, wife, fiancée or partner (same sex or unmarried), family member to the United Kingdom on a UK Settlement or Family Visitor Visa then you should be aware of potential visa problems that may cause delays in the processing or lead to the refusal of your UK visa application.

Issues that may make the application process difficult include (this list is not exhaustive):

  • The sponsor not able to meet the Home Office Financial Requirements or providing insufficient financial supporting documentation. This is very important under the Settlement Visa category where a foreign national wants to live with their sponsor in the UK.
  • The Visa applicant not scoring sufficient points to qualify under the Tier 1 , Tier 2 and Tier 5 Visa Categories.
  • The sponsor not having adequate accommodation in the UK by showing that their home will not be legally overcrowded if the visa applicant was to stay with them. This problem can be normally resolved by providing an Immigration Property Inspection Report.
  • The visa applicant not meeting the Home Office English Language test rules which is commonly known as the Secure English Language Test (SELT). This is applicable for applicants applying for a settlement, student and entreprenuer visas
  • Previous attempts by the sponsor to bring the foreign national to the UK on a visa for settlement or non settlement purposes.
  • Previous and repeated attempts by the applicant to obtain a UK visa, or gain entry into the UK by providing forged documents or making false representations to the Visa Officer.
  • The applicant was previously in the UK and overstayed their visa. This is important for applicants applying for short term visit visas.
  • The applicant was previously deported (removed) from the UK.
  • The applicant was previously refused entry into the UK at a port of entry.
  • Insufficient evidence of relationship (lack of supporting documentation).
  • The visa applicant has a criminal record.

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