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UK Immigration Property Inspection Reports

We are one of the leading providers of Immigration Property Inspection Reports in the UK for visa purposes, especially UK settlement, spouse, marriage, fiancé and partner visa applications.

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UK Visa Property Inspection Reports

UK Visa Property Inspection Reports also known as Entry Clearance Inspection Reports, Immigration Accommodation Reports, Immigration Housing Survey Reports or UKBA Property Reports are required to demonstrate that the proposed applicant, sponsors or those appealing against a refusal for a UK Visa, have suitable accommodation available to them upon arrival in the United Kingdom.


Our reports are mainly used for UK spouse, marriage and fiancé visa entry clearance applications but can be used for family visitor visas and dependent visas. We can even provide a inspection report for immigration appeals. 

the accommodation requirements

Under the UK Immigration Rules Visa, applicants are required to show that they meet the accommodation requirements primarily under settlement visa rules.


Many applications are refused by the Entry Clearance Officer (Visa Officer) as they fail to meet the accommodation requirements but we strongly urge clients to obtain a property report prior to submitting their application to avoid the risk of refusal.


It is becoming very common for Visa Officers to refuse a settlement visa application due to the lack of a property inspection report without referring to the sponsor or visa applicant for further clarification. In other known cases they can also request that a property inspection report be obtained during the assessment stage of a settlement visa, pending a final decision. This not only delays the process even further, but is stressful for UK sponsors as they must now look for a suitable property report provider within a short space of time (normally 1 week).

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Immigration services to support clients for property inspections

Our official in-house property inspections officers, who are qualified housing inspectors / surveyors and accredited to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and Environmental Health Registration Board, will assess and produce a comprehensive immigration property inspection report acceptable to the Home Office / UK visa section that meets the accommodation requirements under the UK Immigration Rules and Housing Act 1985 and 2004.


Our staff have over 12 years experience in providing inspection reports with knowledge and skills specifically focused solely on meeting the Home Office accommodation requirements.


Please note that reports provided by estate agents are NOT acceptable and must be from an qualified assessor linked to a governing body. Furthermore, most councils / local authorities across the UK no longer provide immigration inspections for UK visas / Entry Clearance due to costs of running this specialised type of service. It is now the responsibility of providers like JPS Immigration to support clients with their Immigration Property Inspection requirements.

combined legal service

We provide discounted fees if clients require a combined legal service of support with their immigration applications and a property inspection report.


For example, if you require us to prepare and manage a UK settlement / marriage visa application, then your immigration property inspection report is included as part of an overall discounted legal fee. This is a very popular service with our clients and is value for money.

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Who do immigration property inspection reports apply to?

Immigration Property Inspection Reports apply to those applying for:

 Under UK Immigration Rules for Settlement Visas, it even states in official Home Office guidance that property inspection reports are to be submitted in a UK visa application for settlement as a spouse or fiancée.


You can find this information by clicking on the button below. Please go to page 3 under the accommodation details section of the Home Office guide to Supporting Documents for Settlement Visas.

Property Inspection & Deep inspections

Our inspections are in depth – we will assess if the property will become overcrowded with the addition of the applicant as per the Housing Act 1985.

 With regular and complicated changes with the UK Immigration Rules, it is important to demonstrate that the foreign migrant visa applicant will have no further need to be re-housed once in the UK and, as a result use public funds (tax payer money), which is not permitted under most UK Visa categories.


If a UK Settlement Visa applicant has been refused a visa on the grounds that the accommodation is not satisfactory, then we can also provide a property inspection report for appeal or visa review purposes.

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